Pixel Kitchen

Pixel Kitchen is a game that I developed to help me learn the tool Gamemaker Studio, and to see if I would be able to build a game completely on my own.

I had decided to make something small in scope so that I would be able to complete the project and I thought about paying tribute to one of my favorite Gameboy games, Game and Watch Gallery 2.

Game and Watch Gallery 2 was a collection of old Nintendo Game and Watch games that had been recreated for the Gameboy and Gameboy Colour.  My favorite game from that collection was a game called “Chef”.

I thought I would be able to translate the gameplay of this game from my childhood to mobile platforms and I would be able to take this with me wherever I go.

After a few months of work I feel that I have created a game that is fun, challenging and a faithful representation the original Chef. The player controls a chef inside of a kitchen and food will be thrown at them from a NPC that is to the side of the screen and it is the player’s job to keep the food bouncing off of their skillet until it is cooked, and then to get the food to land on the serving tray being held by the waiter standing behind them.

As your score gets higher, more food will be thrown at you adding to the challenge. High Scores for the game are saved to a leaderboard on Google Play or Gamecenter depending on the platform that you choose.

Thank you for checking out my game.

Get it on Google Play