So it begins

Early 2014 I decided to finally stop being afraid and set up a gaming focused website along with some colleagues of mine. We had no idea what the real focus of the site was or how to go about doing it.

I was the only person who had any sort of programming experience so it was up to me to develop any customer software required. I have completed a post secondary education with advanced diplomas in Computer Programming and Computer Networking. I was confident that I would be able to manage the server just fine, but I had not done any significant programming in years as the job I got in I.T. was in the networking field.

Despite this, I set out to see what I could do. I had decided on wordpress as the CMS that would be used. It had the reputation of being the easiest to work with and it had a large selection of plugins to expand functionality quite easily.

I looked into twitter bootstrap after an old friend of mine recommended that I use it to build my front it. It seemed simple enough to work with so I downloaded it and I started poking around with it.

After playing around with bootstrap for long enough I felt it was finally time to actually start hooking bootstrap into wordpress. I, thankfully, found in incredible tutorial on building a responsive theme for wordpress at Team Treehouse and if it was not for that tutorial I do not think that I would have gotten very far with the development.

The tutorial was written for Bootstrap 2 and I was using Bootstrap 3 for my site, but I did not have any difficulty following the tutorial and just substituting in the bootstrap 3 version of the command the tutorial was having me complete.

According to my repository, I had been working for two and a half months before I had something that I felt was ready to show to the rest of the team. They were impressed with the work so we kept it.

Of course, as any creative person will tell you, you are never truly “done”. Every so often I find something that bugs me, or something that needs to be tweaked. This little project has been a great test of my skills and the best part of it is that it is going to continue to test my skills because what I have right now is not going to be the “Finished” version of the site, I am always going to need to add new features. This project looks like it will continue to be a challenge for some time to come.