My Second Game is now Complete

In August of this year I wrote about how I was working on a new video game, a love letter to a game of my youth, Snow Bros. I am now able to report that this game is now finished. This game is not one that I wanted to make for profit but rather to just challenge myself and to improve my programming and art skills.

The scope of my game is significantly smaller than that of Snow Brothers. Snow Brothers had 100 levels, with a boss fight on every 10th level, my game follows a similar pattern, but it only has 10 levels, with the single boss fight on the 10th level.

Despite this difference I am proud to say that I managed to finish it, and just as proud to say that I completed all of the programming and artwork myself (with the exception of the player character, Aaron Sokolowski gave me a bit of help with that). I have built 3 different enemies that behave differently, a boss fight, an intro and ending cut scene.

The music and sound effects for this game were taken from This is a site that I would highly recommend for any game developer who needs some assets from an area that they are not skilled in.

I am quite satisfied with how this game came together, and with how easy it was to finish this game using Gamemaker Studio 2.