My Next Solo Game

I am at the part of my game development “career” where I still consider myself to be learning. My inexperience leads me to try projects that are not too ambitious, which, ideally, will allow me to complete them. To make these projects easier I have been trying to recreate video games that I was fond of in my youth.

Now that I have successfully completed Pixel Kitchen, my very first independently developed video game, I am moving onto something that is inspired by another game, but has a lot more mechanics than the previous one.

I had spent many happy hours playing Snow Brothers with my younger brother when we were children. I have decided that I will try to build a game that is mechanically similar to Snow Brothers, which itself was heavily inspired by another title, Bubble Bobble. In Snow Brothers, the player controls one of the two titular snow brothers, they spawn into a room that is full of monsters and the objective is to clear the room to progress to the next.

Enemies are defeated by shooting show at them to turn them into snow balls and rolling them down the platforms. Items and power ups can be earned by hitting enemies with a rolling snowball. The game features 100 stages, if my memory is correct, and every 10 stages there is a boss battle. The bosses are defeated by rolling enemies into the boss.

Because I am working on this title independently I am going to be scaling back the features. I am going to be limiting the amount of stages to 10 instead of 100, and I am going to be eliminating the power up mechanic completely. This means I will need to complete

  • Player having multiple lives
  • Different states for the player and enemies and the behavior changing based on what state they are in
  • A Boss Fight
  • Intro Cut Scene

All of these mechanics are ones that I have never attempted before in a solo project. My previous game was a single screen / room, with a single state for the player. I am also going to be doing all of the artwork myself and to challenge myself I am going to increase the colour palette from the Gameboy monochromatic palette to something a little bit more robust, like the NES colour palette. These changes will help me improve my skills as an artist as well as a game designer / developer. After all, these projects / exercises are meant to help me learn and improve so that I can bring these skills back to my group over at Elektri.