Poking around with GameMaker Studio

Over on my other site, http://capsncoins.com, I have made a couple of blog posts about starting game development using Unity3d. While I really do like Unity, and we are, probably, going to continue to use it after we finish our current project, I decided that I wanted to try to make a mobile game on my own using GameMaker Studio.

I am not trying to create an overly ambitious project for the first solo game that I make, considering that the first game my team and I are making is not yet complete, but I have an idea in my head that I would like to make an attempt to turn into a reality. I had acquired a GameMaker Studio Pro license with the Android Export thanks to a Humble Bundle from a while ago so I have the means to get this idea into the Google Play store should I ever get it to the point where I like it.

Because I am working on this game completely on my own, and I have already picked an engine to use, I needed to come up with an art style that I felt I would be able to do on my own. It was happenstance that I stumbled into the pixel art tool Aseprite and I thought that I might be able to do some pretty simple pixel art to be able to convey the idea that I have in my head. So I headed over to their website and paid them the $15 needed to get myself a license and start trying to figure it out.icon

With playing around with the tool just for a little bit I am coming up with some sprites that actually think look pretty good, and I am pleased with the results. So I don’t think that artwork is going to be a huge issue anymore; however, it will still be a time-consuming one.

I suppose that my next steps are to go and look up some tutorial videos to see if I can get the mechanics of my game working the way I want them to. As of right now I am too used to the way that Unity3d does things and I have grown used to that engine. I am wondering if there is going to be a big learning curve or if most of my experience with Unity3d would translate to GameMaker. Only time will tell.

I plan to come back to this WordPress blog to write about my experiences working with GameMaker on my own, and the progress I make with my little game. Unlike at Caps N’ Coins I do not have the luxury of my editor, so all of this is right out of my head, probably with a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. So because of that I plan on having smaller posts here than I have over at my other game focused blog / video site. Hopefully this works out for everybody.